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NA62 Framework
NA62 FrameWork basic instructions

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Code repository NA62FW gitlab repository where the source code of the framework is stored.
Mattermost channel NA62 mattermost. We have several channels dedicated to software, analysis, data processing, ... where you can ask any questions. This tool also allows for private groups and one-to-one discussions.
Mailing list NA62 Framework mailing list/e-group ( is open for subscription to CERN users. The purpose of this list is to broadcast announcements and ask questions or discuss about the software and its usage.
Bug Tracking There is a JIRA project for bug tracking, and more; you need to be registered to the above mailing list to access it. An archive of known issues and their status is available; if you need to open a ticket for a new issue, make sure, for a faster response, that the title contains the name of the related module or class
Twiki The NA62 TWiki project contains lot of information about the data taking and the data that have been taken. There are also sections dedicated to analysis groups and lists of available MC productions.
Data and MC samples For filter descriptions and data lists, see this page.
For MC samples, see this page.


NA62 FrameWork consists at this time of four packages:
NA62Tools This component contains all the code that is common to the other components. This includes in particular the persistency libraries and the CDB (conditions database) access code.
NA62MC Geant4 based framework for NA62 detector full simulation.
NA62Reconstruction Root based reconstruction package, modularized in libraries for individual subdetectors. It contains also the online monitor (NA62OnlineMonitor, which is now being moved towards an NA62Analysis based code) and a visualization tool (NA62EventDisplay).
NA62Analysis ROOT based framework for modularized development of simple and complex analysis. It contains a lot of examples and tools that are useful (or necessary) for a wide range of analysis, including calibration and corrections code.
Last updated: 24 June 2020
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