Data is processed by the NA62Reconstruction package, following the data flow shown here. In order to obtain an output usable for physics a calibration procedure is required. Although the calibration constants are available to the end user, for general use the centrally processed data is the only recommended option. It may still be necessary or convenient for the end user to run NA62Reconstruction, for example on a small MC sample; instructions are available here.

Data is currently processed within CERN; dedicated virtual machines submit jobs to LSF in several calibration steps before initiating the final pass. The calibration procedure automatically evaluates coarse and fine time alignment of all detectors.

Once the calibration is completed all files pertaining a run are processed and the reconstructed data is stored on CASTOR and EOS. There is a post-processing stage that runs several standard analyzers for a first data quality check, providing reports (pdf files) that are stored next to the directory pertaining the processed run. The classification of the burst quality and the measurement of momentum correction and beam parameters is also being integrated in this stage.

Statistics about the processed data are available here.

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