MC Productions


Typically the 6 main kaon decay modes, beam pions, beam protons and K+→ π+ ν ν are available in two variants: standard decay region (102-180m) and extended decay region (102-265m), for trigger studies. Other samples are available on request.


You can find information about the central production on the GRID here
To request a new production follow the procedure described here

The MC files are easily accessible at CERN (twiki).

Test productions at CERN

The MC files are placed on CASTOR /castor/; a replica of the most recent ones can be found on EOS /eos/na62/data/offline/mc/prod
It usually consists of 1M events for each of the 6 main decay modes and the signal, with the addition of halo muons, 100M beam pions and 100M beam protons.

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