How to run NA62Reconstruction

  • /afs/ -v rcurrent -w /chosen/path/NA62rcurrent (you can choose another version)
  • cd /chosen/path/NA62rcurrent
  • source
  • cd NA62Reconstruction
  • The execution is controlled by a chain of configuration files, in the config directory, where the top one is NA62Reconstruction.conf
    • There are several flavors of these files, typically tagged by the year in the filename
    • SubDetectors.conf files contain the channel mapping, besides many other parameters
    • For the end user it is usually not necessary to modify any of these files, except the top one, which is well documented inline, and the LKr one, to switch between data and MC mode (to be deprecated asap)
  • ./NA62Reco -h provides some help

The generated root file contains a TTree (Reco) with one branch for each enabled subdetector (all by default), containing hits, and the true generated particles (if the source is MC). The branches are object based, although they are split in sub-branches for efficiency and convenience (accessible via TTree::Draw), and each entry corresponds to a trigger, for data, or to one event with one primary particle, for MC.

For Developers


  • git clone ssh://
  • git checkout <TagName>, to select the version (e.g. r858 or v0.9.0; issue git tag for a full list)
  • cd NA62Reconstruction
  • source scripts/
  • cd ../NA62MC
  • make -j 16
  • cd ../NA62Reconstruction
  • make -j 16